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LEGO day

Last week we took part in LEGO Day: an all-day STEAM event on engineering, coding and robotics. 

Last week we took part in LEGO Day: an all-day event that involved different schools (ICS Milan, ICS London, RIS Rome and Canadian School of Florence).

Teams of students took part in a range of challenges, including building the tallest tower, making a gravity racer vehicle, creating a LEGO ‘pet’ and then finding an innovative solution to a defined problem of their choice.


In each case, the children had to document their thinking process for the design, build, testing and final product. In addition, they were asked to reflect on how they had used various Learner Profile attributes to be: risk-takers, thinkers, open-minded, inquirers, caring and reflective. This was captured via an online Padlet app which all the schools could view and add to. Children also did three live video link-ups throughout the day.

"The children had a great time, worked really well, showed great creativity and thoughtfulness and were very complimentary in their comments and support of each other!" commented our LEGO Coordinator, Jonathan Lahy-Neary. 


In ICS Milan, we offer LEGO education solutions to introduce students to STEAM concepts while improving collaboration, communication and problem-solving skills. Using smart bricks and digital tools, students at this developmental level can explore coding, programming, and engineering. This kind of work helps students to develop critical-thinking skills, expand their creativity and explore real-life STEAM themes.

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