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Book Week

17-21 April we celebrated "Book Week": book swaps, book fairs, dress-up days, creative writing and much more!

From 17-21 April, we celebrated 'Book Week'. 

During this week, all students, from the oldest to the youngest, participated in numerous reading-related activities: from discovering rhymes and poems to book swapping. The children also dressed up as book characters for Dress-up Day, each according to a literary genre, and bought new English books during the Usborne Book Fairs hosted on each campus. 
The Reception children also went to the "Libreria delle ragazze e dei ragazzi" in Milan to participate in an animated reading and discover colourful new books.

ICS Milan promotes reading right from early childhood. Reading creates an aptitude for listening, improves creative skills and imagination, and has a relaxing effect on children during moments of stress and tiredness. Reading makes the brain more responsive, providing a basis for improving cognitive skills.

As a comment on the past week, our Literacy Coordinators for Early Years and Primary School, Laura Pakes and Kate Rollerson wanted to leave a comment in the form of a poem! You can read them here:

"For Book Week in the Early Years we learnt a lot about 
Nursery Rhymes and Poems, some that really made us shout!
We decorated all our doors to match a poem or rhyme 
and had a character dress-up day, a really fun time! 
We made class books and book shops, and read some Usborne books. 
Then Preschool and Reception went on a book shop look.
Thanks to everyone who bought a book from our book fair.
Do you have a poem or rhyme that you would like to share?" 

Laura Pakes - Early Years Literacy Coordinator

"Primary Book Week was a spectacular affair, 
With almost everyone reading books, anywhere. 
Year one shocked the school with their knowledge of fairy tales, 
Showing that they are ready to put up their sails,
Storming through to year two, 
They know more about artists and scientists than me or you. 
Year threes were reading fantasies, 
Reading more than enough to generate curiosities. 
Year four couldn’t read any more, 
About famous people – go ahead, just walk from door to door! 
Year five’s were truly terrified, 
Learning about ways to build suspense and horrify! 
Year sixes were too cool for school, 
They read, wrote and even threw in a doodle or two."

Kate Rollerson - Primary School Literacy Coordinator

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