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Globeducate Arts Competition

ICS Milan secures second place in Performing Arts at the Globeducate Arts Competition, showcasing innovative interpretations of the theme "Reflections" on a global stage.

ICS Milan is happy to announce its commendable achievement in the Performing Arts section at the Globeducate Arts Competition. This prestigious event, held annually, showcases the creative talents of students worldwide, with submissions spanning various artistic disciplines.

In the 2023 competition, over 2,100 students participated, presenting more than 200 noteworthy entries to the Globeducate judging panel. The theme for this year was "Reflections," allowing students the freedom to interpret and express it across diverse artistic mediums, aligning with the Globeducate mission.

Monica Fontán, Globeducate Education Director, emphasized the outstanding connection between students and the theme, highlighting remarkable submissions like "Solar Symphony" and "The Dancing Mops" (ICS Milan's performance) in the Performing Arts category. The integration of the theme into performances, coupled with a focus on sustainable development goals, showcased the students' creativity.

The overarching theme of "Reflections" also explored its connection to light and energy, aligning with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7 on renewable energy and consumption. The competition encouraged participants to explore how reflections relate to sustainable energy use, fostering a broad and imaginative interpretation.

The entries encompassed various creative projects, including craftwork around green energies, paintings and drawings reflecting nature, personality, ideal worlds, and photographers capturing architectural reflections and displacement scenes. Poetry titles such as "What I See in Me," "Reflections of Unrequited Love," and "The Hall of Mirrors risking our lives" added depth to the competition.

Congratulations to all winners, honorable mentions, and participants acknowledged for their achievements at the school level.